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TAT Israel designs and develops advanced 28VDC and 400Hz AC Vapor Cycle Cooling Systems (VCCS) for use in helicopters and business jet aircraft both for military and commercial applications. Our VCCS can be designed as FAA Supplemental type certificate (STC) and also as a solution for OEM aircraft manufacturers.
Our goal is to design and produce a truly integrated and efficient VCCS which provides superior passenger comfort while minimizing weight and cost.

Another facet of TAT Israel activities worth mentioning is engineering and production of dedicated self-contained Cooling Systems of modular design for thermal management of power electronics. Such systems typically incorporate various flow control devices such as pumps and valves along with highly efficient heat exchangers.

The winning combination of low weight and superior performance is achieved by extensive TAT expertise, all under one roof. Our continual success with such demanding clients as Elta and Elisra attests to TAT’s maturity and competence. TAT Gedera is developing and manufacturing Power Electronics Cooling Systems (PECS) in support of More Electric Aircraft (MEA) projects with major systems and airframe integrators.


  • 8140-1 Primary Heat Exchanger for F-15 Fighter

    8140-1 Primary Heat Exchanger for F-15 Fighter

    This item knows how to handle high temperature with high reliability. TAT developed it as a replacement to the original tubular design item which was not sufficiently reliable. As a result, a four-fold increase in operational reliability was achieved at an identical weight.

  • Evaporator for Power Electronics Cooling

    Evaporator for Power Electronics Cooling

    Used as a vital part in a vapor cycle system, this item is delivered within a package of three two-phase heat exchangers used to cool electronics in challenging environmental conditions.

  • Integrated Cold Plate for Power Electronics Cooling

    Integrated Cold Plate for Power Electronics Cooling

    This Cold Plate highlights TAT’s engineering capabilities in design and integration. Power electronics installed on the Cold Plate are cooled using coolant circulated by means of a pump and accumulator installed on the Plate. The heat generated by the electronics is repelled by air blown through the Plate.

  • Fuel Cooler for UAV

    Fuel Cooler for UAV

    The design of this item features a capability to withstand extremely high fuel pressure. Achieving Very high reliability is yet another requirement TAT has successfully complied with.

  • Environmental Control Systems

    Environmental Control Systems

    The field of Military Environmental Control Units (ECU) has earned TAT a reputation as supplier of highly reliable and affordable equipment, remarkable for its performance and simplicity.

    TAT manufactures a comprehensive line of ECUSs for any application where heat removal is essential. Simple installation, maintenance and easy integration make our systems user-friendly. All our Systems meet the requirements of applicable Military Standards (MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461) and are used around the world under extreme conditions. Our Systems are typically installed on Military Communication Shelters, Mobile Shelters, Military Tents, Armored Vehicles, etc.
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  • Environmental Control Unit

    Environmental Control Unit

  • Environmental Control Unit

    Environmental Control Unit


  • Heat Exchangers

    Heat Exchangers

    Primary Heat Exchanger for F-16 Fighter.

  • Precoolers


    Precooler for KC-135 Refueling Aircraft.

  • Oil Coolers

    Oil Coolers

    Heat Exchanger for AH-1 / UH-1 Helicopters.

  • Reheater Condenser

    Reheater Condenser

    Condenser/Vent suit/Re-heater for F-18 Fighter.